Ever since I was little I think I had a passion for Entertainment in me. I was either singing to Disney movies or the spice girls or even singing with my toy microphone. And Posing For any chance at being photographed.

I was born and raised Los Angeles shortly after birth I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy with this disability I lack control of my right side. Growning up I was told I could never achieve any of the goals I had set forth my path. My passion is entertainment, but what I loved the most was posing for photography. 

Living in San Diego I was in touch with "Modeling Scene" which made me fall in love for doing photo shoots and fashion shows. I went to live with family members in Los Angeles to pursue my career, I went to The Los Angeles Film School and graduated with a Associates Degree in Science of Recording Arts including Entertainment Business. I've also graduated Barbizon School of Acting and Modeling. 

 I live in San Diego now, to pursue modeling and acting. I look at my self as a role model for those born with a disability because I understand the frustration of the every day life. I empower for those to with or without a disability to reach for their dreams may there be hardships but great awards await towards the future.

-B.b. Ashley Pena 

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